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Thank you for your interest in joining us for this externship opportunity! Below is everything you need to know and what you can expect to get out of this experience. ​ If you have not already read through what this event is all about, please do so now.

Externship Description

  • Arrive 30 minutes before first scheduled massage appointment. Samantha will give you the rundown on how the event will be flowing throughout your shift. This will include interacting with event participants (i.e. networking)

  • This shift includes 15-minute Chair Massage Sessions: All opportunities to meet and work with potential future clients

  • The final 15-30 minutes will be a recap of your shift, making sure you have all of your reviews from your clients and any paperwork for your Externship documents from Samantha. ​This also may include interacting with participants (i.e. networking)

* Shifts may be negotiated, however there will still be a required pre- and post- shift run through and recap about your shift.

What You Need

MOST importantly, you will need a filled out Externship Form and Approval.

Please see Jonna for this form or contact Samantha directly (text me ASAP) at 510-703-1394.

All NHI Externship Rules and Guidelines apply through the duration of the Sweatin' For Shriners event, including NO TIPS, TRADES, or PAYMENT.

"Payments" are specifically designated as donations which are sent directly to our beneficiary.

  • NHI Clinic Shirt

  • NHI Name Tag

  • Closed Toed Shoes

  • Black Pants: any full length pants, workout tights accepted

  • BUSINESS CARDS or any acceptable form of accessing or sending your contact information regarding future massage-related inquiries and followup tips given after the massage*

  • Hair up and away from face

  • Refillable H2O bottle

  • Your own snacks (optional)

*Until you are fully licensed, certified, and graduated as a Massage Therapist, it should be widely known that you are still a STUDENT Therapist at this time. When networking properly, this should not deter prospective clients from booking with you in the future. 

What Will Be Provided

  • 1 Massage Chair (Please be prepared to bring your own if multiple Therapists are fulfilling their externship hours during this event)

  • Gym Mats for Assisted Stretching

  • Waivers/Intake Forms for clients 

  • Feedback Forms

SFS2023 Chair Massage Triple Whammy.jpg

What You Will Leave With

Your Externship here at our Sweatin' For Shriners event is meant to enhance your experience with not only your massage techniques as a Massage Therapist, but also (and not limited to) experience with:

  • Utilizing your Health Educator role by offering additional self care tips and suggestions for clients after their sessions

  • Networking and potentially gaining meaningful relationships with local prospective clients, local business owners, and connecting with fellow colleagues.

  • Event Coordinating (if you choose to use Massage as a lead generator). 

  • Marketing yourself and representing NHI as well as legitimizing quality massage services in the field. 


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