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Sponsored Hour (Closed Group)

Choose one of our Sponsorship Options and reserve an entire hour for your company's Team to work out together. Limit 12 participants in-person, or we can host a Virtual Varimax Bootcamp via Zoom for up to 100 participants.

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Bootcamp - All Levels Welcome

Led by your very own Team Varimax Personal Trainers!

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Golf Fitness sponsored by FitGolf Sacramento

Join Greg, Golf Fitness Professional, in this full body, golf-specific workout. You'll focus on mobility, core, strength, and dynamic rotation.

Class availability is limited. 

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Classes in Previous SFS Events

Foam Rolling & Stretching

with Samantha

This class is both LIVE for up to 12 in-person attendees, and VIRTUAL for up to 100 participants via Zoom.

Must provide their own Foam Roller and have at least a yoga mat's worth of space.

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